2015 Outdoor Show Evaluation

Thank you for attending the 2015 Southern Tier Outdoor show. It is only through honest feedback that we are able to improve the show each year. Please take a few moments here to share your thoughts. This survey completion will enter you into the drawing for the 4-man Finger Lakes Waterfowl Trip. We will draw our winning name on October 19, 2015.

Please type the letters above to continue.
1) Home Zip Code
2) Is this your first visit to the expo?
3) How did you learn about this event? (Check all that apply, and for those selected tell us below which station/event/location)
4) Specific station/event/location from those items selected above.
5) What did you like the most about the Southern Tier Outdoor Show this year?
6) What did you NOT like about this year's Southern Tier Outdoor Show?
7) What suggestions do you have for future shows?
8) What different shows, seminars, or exhibitors would you like to see?
9) Will you return next year?
10) Will you recommend to others?
11) Would you like to volunteer at the 2016 Southern Tier Outdoor Show?
12) Would you like to join our E-Club to receive updates on this and other events? If so, please print your email address.
13) To Be Entered in the Drawing for the Waterfowl Trip, you must provide your name and contact information.

14) Street Address:
15) City:
16) State:
17) Zip:
18) Phone:

Submit answers and enter the drawing!

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