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Coming in 2018

The Southern Tier Outdoors Show has expanded its offering of family-friendly activities and contests during the event.

Children and adults alike will have opportunities to test their skills in a variety of adventurous outdoor activities. Whether you want to catch a fish, sharpen your archery aim, or compete in a Turkey calling contest, there is something for everyone at this year’s hunting and fishing event! Participate for fun or enter to win a variety of amazing prizes that will be offered throughout the outdoors show.

Don’t forget to check out the variety of in-depth classes and seminars that are being offered to further your outdoors skills even more!

Bristol Mountain Mobile Ropes Course

The Mobile Aerial  Park has 8 unique and exciting elements. Participants are 6 feet above the ground and the park is ideal for children ages 4 to 12  ($5 charge). All participants are connected to a continuous safety system in full body harnesses so participants can never be unattached.

Elements include:

  • Corsair Net
  • Fisherman Net
  • Wooden Board Bridge
  • Vertical Net
  • Beam Bridge
  • Monkey Rope
  • Spider Web
  • Log Swings

Indoor Fishing Pond

Kids can test their fishing skills and compete for the largest fish prize in our indoor fishing pond. Filled with bass and trout, this fishing pond allows families to see the fish in action as they strike bait and put up a fight. The pond was created with the help of Tyrtle Beach Funding and the Hammondsport Boy Scouts.

Parker Crossbow Shooting

Pick up a Parker Crossbow and take a shot at the target! We know you will fall in love with our crossbows, and you’ll want to pick up a raffle ticket to win your very own Parker Crossbow!


The Soaring Capital Beekeepers Association from Horseheads have large framed units where the kids can go inside and see how a bee hive looks, and they can check out the bee suits to see how to safely work with these insects.  The kids will be able to check out the beekeeping equipment and there will be some activities for them such as the “Bee a Detective Scavenger Hunt” where they will search for information cards that help them to answer bee questions. Club members will put on an ongoing powerpoint presentation about how the bees make the honey. And the kids will go home with Honey Stix and honey samples in small jars.

Crosman Air Rifle Trailer

The Crosman Air Rifle Trailer is back at the show! Kids will have the chance to test out their skills on air rifles.


Laser Shooting Course

See how accurate your shots are! Our state of the art laser trainer target system offers a three-digit LED display timer and scorekeeper which scores 4 to 10 points per shot with 147 LEDs that light up to show shot placement when used with the laser firearm.

Three timer speeds allow for up to three players to challenge each other’s skills. the laser rifles, shotguns and pistols simulate the shooting action and cannot accept or be fired with any actual ammunition.

Plinking Fun:

We also offer Laser Plinking Cans that react by jumping up and falling over just as a real can would when it is shot. What kid doesn’t like to shoot over a row of tin cans?

Join in a healthy competition available to all ages and experience levels!


Tomahawk Throwing

Learn to throw a tomahawk just like Daniel Boone by aiming at pre-set targets set along a safe and secure course.

This Living History component of the Southern Tier Outdoor Show is sponsored by the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program and centers around teaching kids a heritage sports skill. Kids will learn how to safely handle the tomahawk, how to aim and throw in a secure setting.



Youth Archery

Bring the kids and let them try their hand at shooting at 3-D targets with a compound bow!

Become a member of the Youth Hunter Education Challenge team (YHEC):

The YHEC program provides opportunities and incentives for young hungers to develop their marksmanship and hunting skills. Participants must first successfully complete a conventional hunter education course such as those taught by state or provincial game and fish departments. There are two age divisions in YHEC – 14 and under and 15-18. Kids make take part as individuals or as part of a team. It is open to both boys and girls.

About the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program:

This program focuses on developing responsible and productive attitudes in today’s youth, particularly when it comes to outdoor sports. Participants learn marksmanship, how to safely and responsibly use firearms, as well as the principles of hunting and archery.


Big Buck Trophy

Bring in your buck mount to get it scored for free by the New York Big Buck Club. See if that buck you bagged makes the registry! Submit your entry at booths 9 – 10 and win one of many prizes that will be awarded.

About the NY Big Buck Club:

The Official Record Book for New York State’s Biggest and Best Whitetails, as well as, New York State Trophy Bear records.

All animals are scored using the Boone & Crockett scoring system.

Entry into the New York State Record Book requires that three basic criteria be met:

  • The buck must have been taken legally
  • The buck must have been taken in New York State
  • The buck must meet minimum score requirement

Youth Turkey Calling Contest

The Cohocton Valley Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) will host a Wild Turkey Calling Contest in two divisions: Junior ages 12-18, and Poults’, ages 11 and younger. While this is not a National or State NWTF-sanctioned contest, all contestants must report to the stage area by 12:30 pm to draw a number in order to be eligible for the contest.

Each participant is required to cluck, purr, and successfully call the plain yelp of a hen.

A variety of turkey calls are permitted for contestants use during the contest, including:

  • Air calls
  • Friction calls
  • Natural calls

Electronic calls are not permitted. Download the contest rules and registration form.

The following calls will be used for the calling contest: 

Poults Division

  • #1 Plain Yelp of Hen,
  • #2 Cluck and Purr
  • #3 Call of choice from NWTF list

JAKES Division

  • same as Poults Division plus #4 Adult Hen Assembly Call

All other Divisions

  • #1 Adult Hen Assembly Call
  • #2 Fighting Purr
  • #3 Kee Kee Run
  • #4 Cutting of Excited Hen
  • #5 Cluck and Purr
  • Call of choice will come from the following list:  Tree Call, Plain Yelp of Hen, Cutting of Excited Hen, Adult Hen Assembly Call, Fly-down Cackle, Kee Kee Run, Cluck and Purr, Fighting Purr, Jake Yelp

About the NWFT:

The National Wild Turkey Federation is a non-profit organization leading upland wildlife habitat conservation in North America. Dedicated to the conservation of wild turkeys and the preservation of hunting traditions, members have helped restore wild turkey populations throughout the country from 30,000 to more than 7 million.

Additional Outdoors Show Activities Include:

  • Martial Arts Demonstrations
  • 4-H Petting Zoo

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Our Mission

The Southern Tier Outdoor Show provides outdoor awareness and natural resources education by bringing together local businesses and organizations promoting and sharing their products, services, and expertise to encourage participation in outdoor activities, promote environmental stewardship, and enhance quality of life.
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