2017 Presenters

Come meet Gerry Rightmyer and Steve Schicker, hosts of Forever Wild Outdoors which airs on the Pursuit Channel. They will be providing a number of seminars on topics such as Field Judging Whitetails, Bear Hunting the North Country, Affordable Big Games Hunts Trail Camera Tactics, How to Film Your Own Hunts, Fall Turkey Hunting Tactics and more…

Watch episodes of their Season 3 show at their booth and talk hunting with them! For the past 3o years, Gerry has pursued big game. To date he has hunted 15 states, five Canadian Provinces, South America and two provinces in South Africa. Over this span he has qualified animals in the Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, and New York State records. His accomplishments include gold and silver medals in Safari Club International records as well. He has taken big game with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, compound bow and crossbow.

When Steve could not hunt due to a car accident, he sold art at festivals and started Forever Wild Outdoors. He studied Wildlife Biology and became a five time New York State Turkey Calling Champion. He began his own call company and found a passion for telling the hunting tale through a camera lens.

Putting the human element into your turkey hunting:

Join 5 time NY STATE calling champion Steve Schicker as he explains the most common causes for not connecting with a turkey. Learn why most hunters over complicate calling in a turkey.

Successful Deer hunting:

Join the FWO team as they share their experience in what makes them successful in the deer woods,from using scents and lures, rattling techniques, calling, scouting, hanging stands and everything in between.  Watch clips from their hit T.V. show .

Africa, hunting the Dark Continent:

FWO SR  pro staffer Ben Lowe covers all of experience, majesty, allure of hunting South Africa.  The experience is more affordable than most people think. Learn how to make your dream safari hunt a reality. Watching scenes from Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures TV should get you pumped to start your own African Adrenaline Adventures!

Hunting with a camera:

The top ten mistakes people make when trying to film a hunt. Whether you are trying to film a friend, family member, self film  or you are trying to put together your own show, learn from the guys that have been there and done that.

Hunting Black bears in North America:

From NY to New Mexico, Maine to the Canadian wilderness watch scenes from Forever Wild Outdoors Adrenaline Adventures TV to illustrate what Steve and Ben are talking about to increase your chances of taking one of North America’s top big game animals.

State Hopping for big game:

Steve will cover how easy and affordable it is to hunt out of state to fulfill your dreams of tagging your dream animals. From finding state lands to choosing the right outfitters and packing for your next Adrenaline Adventures.

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