Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting will Return – 2015

Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting and Clinic – Shoot with the Stars (2014)

Saturday 9 – 10 am
Sunday 9 – 10 am

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The Southern Tier Outdoor Show is honored to present its 2014 featured performance, “Shoot with the Stars: Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting (GBX).” Steven and Aaron Gould are one of the hottest new acts in marksmanship, and their show features a unique and entertaining live shooting exhibition including the brothers’ signature shots such as the one-hand push up-up shot, and the two-person throw-and-load shots.

GBX promotes shooting and hunting sports, conservation, gun safety and living with a purpose. Watch the show and learn from the experts during two “Shoot with the Stars” GBX clinics. Each clinic is open to just 10 students and costs $30 per person. Register now to reserve a spot with the Gould Brothers.

Don’t forget to bring your own shotgun if participating in the Gould Brothers’ Clinics.

Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting at the Southern Tier Outdoors Show

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