Retriever Championship on Oct. 12, 2014

CRHC Qualifiers

Over a dozen dogs will compete for the Companion Retriever Hunting Challenge Championship on October 12 in Bath

The Companion Retriever Hunting Challenge (C.R.H.C.) will take place on Sunday, October 12 beginning at noon at the 2013 Southern Tier Outdoor Show in Bath. This year’s contest will be the finale of the year’s qualifiers from the Cleveland, Erie, Hamburg and Batavia competitions and will offer prizes worth $2,000 to the top scoring animals.  The event focuses on a typical owner/handler of a retriever who is not only a family companion but also a hunting partner. Owners must be 12 years of age or older. The two contest levels consist of goose and duck hunting scenarios on land and in water. The event is supervised and judged by Jim Beverly, a renowned retriever trainer from western New York with 47 years of experience in the waterfowl hunting industry.

Beverly designed the C.R.H.C. to encourage having fun and understanding exactly what you want from your retriever. It is not based on obtaining the traditional hunt test/field trial titles. These are not professional handlers and highly polished bird dogs. They are weekend waterfowl hunters and their faithful canine sidekicks. Dogs running the real hunting situations are judged on such things as style and trainability. Beverly himself offers advice during the challenge, since he wants the experience to be both fun and educational.

Beverly has produced instructional DVD’s of his training techniques, and his latest project sponsored by Dakota Decoys, will feature his faithful dog, Zeus, and his new Golden Retriever puppy, Dakota. Both dogs will be at the outdoor show to greet the public.

On the first day of the Southern Tier Outdoor Show, Beverly will help visitors to the show with training and waterfowl hunting questions or issues. He will offer a fun run through the C.R.H.C. course to anyone who brings their dog to the show. He can be found near the pond on the show grounds next to the main parking lot. The Southern Tier Outdoor Show will be held Oct 11-12 from 9:00-5:00 p.m. at Wilkins RV., Inc. on Route 415 in Bath. Visit for full details.

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